Marijuana Defense

Defending Marijuana Charges

Ms. Toney is a Lifetime Member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), a NORML Legal Committee Member and a former Board Member of Colorado NORML. Ann defends people charged with state drug charges which have included Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Cultivation of Marijuana, and all lesser drug charges. Ms. Toney is particularly skilled at navigating courts in marijuana prosecution cases with strategies and defending with jury trials.

While under federal law marijuana is always illegal, the State of Colorado has legalized various forms of cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana under both the medical marijuana scheme and now as recreational marijuana. There are many nuances to using these theories for your defense as well as misconceptions among users as to what is and is not “legal”. There is no substitution for contacting Ann Toney, P.C. to find out if what you are doing is legal. If you have already been charged, there is no substitution of immediately contacting Ann Toney, P.C. for a free consultation. The framework for legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado is based on the legalization of Colorado’s medical marijuana. Ann Toney wrote the book on medical marijuana in Colorado and understands how to use the current laws to defend you.

Ms. Toney has spent her legal career in the courtroom practicing in front of over a 100 different Judges both defending and prosecuting criminal cases and trying cases both in front of judges and juries. Ms. Toney brings to your defense experience only earned through fighting legal battles and challenging opponents over time. In 2009 Ms. Toney returned to private practice after years of prosecuting.

Having defended people charged with criminal offenses up to and through jury trials since 1988, and prosecuting as well, Ann has the skill and expertise to defend you aggressively to obtain the result you need and deserve. As one of the few attorneys in Colorado to hold both the honor of being a Lifetime Member of NORML and a Life Member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Ann Toney is uniquely qualified to handle any marijuana charge.

Marijuana Business Law

The Business of Marijuana

Ms. Toney was one of a handful of attorneys representing people in the business of medical marijuana before the statutes and regulations were passed in Colorado. Ms. Toney wrote the book on Colorado’s medical marijuana which is published by Bradford Publishing, “Colorado Medical Marijuana Law”, in 2012. Also, Ann was responsible for planning and putting on the numerous continuing legal education programs for the Colorado Bar Association on medical marijuana. Ann has helped numerous clients navigate the business of marijuana in Colorado as she knows and understands the laws and how they are implemented and interpreted. Ann was a strong supporter in the passage of Amendment 64 and continues to help people in the business of marijuana. Some areas of interest to her are financing, formation of businesses, implementation of the Department of Revenue, Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) regulations, application for licensing, maintaining compliance with the state statutes and regulations to insure legal businesses.

Since 2011 Ann Toney has written the monthly legal column “Legal Corner” for CULTURE: The #1 Medical Marijuana Lifestyle Magazine in Colorado. Ann is a Lifetime member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and is a member of the NORML Legal Committee. She is a past Board Member of Colorado NORML. Ann has worked during the past legislative sessions communicating with legislators on the peril of passing a DUID 5 nanogram law.

Ms. Toney has consulted with probably hundreds of clients regarding various marijuana businesses. Ms. Toney has been retained to advise clients on a wide variety Colorado legal issues within Colorado's marijuana industry including and not limited to the multiple day to day legalities within the Colorado marijuana industry, to locate properly zoned real estate for clients, to consult on zoning issues, to assist clients applying to the state for marijuana business licenses, to set up business business entities, and to guide clients who have been accused of violating the state regulations and laws governing marijuana businesses. Ms. Toney has been appointed by a court to oversee the running of a Center and Optional Cultivation Operation.

Ann Toney has established herself as an expert in the field of marijuana and has often been interviewed by the media as follows:

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