Marijuana Mediation Lawyer

Ann Toney has been a mediator and arbitrator since 1992, when she first became certified as a mediator for the North Carolina court system. She mediated and arbitrated District Court and Superior Court cases to successful completions. Some cases that she successfully settled had languished for years before she negotiated a successful resolution. Ann wants to bring her mediation and arbitration skills to the national marijuana industry in all states where cannabis is legal. This would include mediating disputes within marijuana businesses and regulatory issues in Arizona, Nevada, South Dakota, Montana,California, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, Washington State, Illinois, Maine, District of Columbia, Alaska, Michigan, Oregon, Massachusetts. where she was one of the first cannabis lawyers in Colorado beginning in 2009.

Marijuana Mediation

Ann has successfully represented many marijuana businesses in Colorado over the years. Ann has advised hundreds of clients on opening their marijuana businesses by setting up their legal entities and obtaining local and state licenses. She participated on behalf of her clients in the historic initial Colorado regulatory license filings in 2010. Ann has advised clients on employment issues, commercial real estate leases, the setting up of their businesses and also the sale of their businesses, to name some of the services she has provided to the cannabis industry in Colorado. Ann has worked closely with the Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) as the cannabis industry is regulated administratively as well as by state statute. Ann has traveled the state on behalf of clients locating counties and cities which allow cannabis businesses and also locating real estate where clients could purchase or lease, properly zoned real estate to open their businesses. A Colorado Court also appointed Ann as a “Receiver” for a dispensary whereby having her run the dispensary until the resolution of that legal case. On behalf of another client, Ann was able to find out on a Friday that the county was going to place a moratorium on the opening of marijuana businesses the next Monday and she was able to immediately finish putting together that dispensary and being able to open that business in time to avoid the moratorium making it at the time, the only dispensary in that county.

Marijuana Defense

Ann understands the marijuana business and how the various parties interact and need to work together to be a successful business. Ann has seen over the years how the regulations and statues have evolved and changed to accommodate the necessities of the marijuana industry. Ann has a unique background in both mediation and the marijuana industry to equip her to successfully mediate marijuana business disputes efficiently enabling the parties to enjoy both equitable and rapid results on issues unique to the cannabis industry. Mediation short cuts a long drawn out court battle to resolve disputes regarding business relationships, cannabis products, THC levels, packaging, MIPS, cultivation of cannabis, etc. Results can be reached by someone having knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry, employing effective mediation skills. Since beginning her marijuana practice in 2009, Ann wrote a column for Culture magazine for five (5) years, is a former Board Member of Colorado NORML, coordinated for the Colorado Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education (CLE), all marijuana law seminars for attorneys from 2009 through 2012 as well as presenting at the same. Ann wrote the book on Colorado Medical Marijuana (2012, Bradford), which sold out and is not out of print. Ann understands the marijuana industry and hopes to be able to assist marijuana businesses across the country settle any of their disputes as it relates to all aspects of the cannabis industry.