Offer These Simple Tests to Prevent a DUI Arrest

Due to the adverse effects connected to Drunk Driving in Denver Co, no one wants to be arrested for a DUI. After all, who wants to lose their license or potentially spend time in jail? A DUI will you’re your record, job and reputation. However, there are times when a person has had too much and isn’t aware of their limits. The problem is, some people try to convince themselves that they’re not drunk, and that they can still drive their vehicles home, this is when a DUI arrest happens.

Unfortunately, DUI cases like these lead to accidents that threaten lives and properties. Instances of DUI in Denver CO are not few. According to, “ For one of every 120 miles driven in Colorado in 2000, a person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) >.10 sat behind the wheel.” Most of these DUI incidents led to the death of more than 250 people and DUI injuries to some 11,000 persons.

If anyone you know has had too much to drink but is unwilling to compromise, suggest that you take the car keys and if they are hesitant ask them to do the tests below to help them understand why you are taking this action and trying to prevent a DUI arrest. Often asking someone to perform sobriety tests when they have been drinking can prove to be difficult, however resistance is the first indication that the person has had too much and is in danger of a possible DUI.

1. Stand on one leg. Ask your loved one to raise one leg and hold it in that position for not less than 30 seconds. If they begin to sway or try to balance with their hands, they have had too much to drink and therefore, should not be allowed to drive.

2. Touch the nose. Tell the person involved to raise their arms all the way to the sides of their head, bend them face forward and try to touch the nose. If they miss, there’s a huge chance that he is intoxicated and should not drive.

3. Walk a straight line. Lead the individual to a straight line on the floor. Tell him to walk that line, one foot at a time. If they sways while trying to keep balance or misses the line, they should not be allowed to drive.

We cannot stop everyone from making a mistake but knowing you can call a reputable DUI Attorney Denver as soon as a DUI arrest has been made can be what saves your freedom, hard earned money and reputation.